About the Module

Perdix AMS is aimed at automating the complete internal audit process of the Financial Institution. Workflow stages including Audit scheduling, sampling, issue identification, issue closure, scoring and audit reporting are completely automated and can be configured as per the processes followed by the Financial Institution. AMS also supports different types of audit like Risk-based and Check-list based audit to hep Financial Institutions to mitigate risks and manage them better.

Salient Features of

Audit Management System

Device Agnostic

AMS can be accessed in any type of front-end device. In mobile phones and tablets, the system can be accessed through a mobile app whereas in desktops and laptops, AMS can be accessed through the web browser.


AMS can be configured in any regional language supported by Unicode. This makes the system multi-lingual and easy to access for the field audit staff.


System can be configured for Audit Scheduling, Sampling, Scoring and Questionnaires.

Reports and Visualisation

AMS provides users with structured reports and dashboards to understand audit findings and initiate proactive actions.

Offline Audit

Audit can be conducted both online and offline through AMS. All transactions like issue identification, tracking and closure can be performed offline where there is no data access and can be synced to the system whenever data is available.

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Audit Management System