About the Module

Perdix offers an end-end customer management system to help financial institutions automate all their customer facing activities and understand their customers in detail. It is a multi-entity system that offers financial institutions flexibility to capture various customer entities like applicant, co-applicant, guarantor, business, vehicle, land, etc. These entities can be mapped and interlinked for easier retrieval and decisioning.

Salient Features of

Customer Management System

Customer 360

Through Customer 360, one can get a full view of all transactions of the client that includes past and present loans, historical data, documents, risk and relationship dashboard and customer statements.


Perdix Customer Management System is multi-lingual and can be accessed in any Unicode supported regional language.

Device Agnostic

This system is device agnostic making it simple to use across multiple front-end devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Multi-Asset Classes

Perdix supports multiple asset classes covering Microfinance, Business Loans, Vehicle Loans, Gold Loans, LAP, School Finance and Wholesale Lending.


Perdix supports multiple types of financial products such as loans, insurance, investments and payments.

Innovative Tools

Perdix Customer Management System provides a wide variety of tools for financial institutions to understand their customers better. This includes a multi-dimensional scoring framework, psychometric toolkit, analytics, geo-tagging, etc.

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Customer Management System