About the Module

To address challenges faced by financial institutions (FIs), Perdix offers a white labelled self-servicing customer app which can be downloaded from Google Play store.

Salient Features of

Self-Service Customer App

Easy Login

Customers can login to the app using their mobile number post TPO confirmation and can also set-up 4-digit pin for quick and easy login.


New Customers can enrol themselves and provide basic KYC and application details.

Customer Statement

Existing customer can access their statements at any given point in time.

Quick Action

Customer can place service requests such as new loan request, profile update & tranche request without any navigation in the app.


Application data entry fields, addition/removal of task under quick actions, company contact details can be configured as per user requirement.

Digital Payments

Customer can make online digital payments through the app and access transaction history.

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Self-Service Customer App