About the Module

Perdix offers a Complete Direct Assignment process can be automated from data reception to pool selection and collections to reporting.

Salient Features of

Direct Assignment System

Partner Registration

Complete partner registration along with details of the proposed structure.

Pool Selection

Cherry picking of loans based on past cash flow, geographical, pin code, sectoral & credit bureau analysis.

Pricing & Structuring

Workflow based handling of haircut, fees, and loss estimations.

API Data Exchange

Customer, loan and transaction data exchange via API and file- based interfaces.


Ability to directly receive repayments from partner through file upload or through SFTP.

FLDG, Recon

FLDG and other covenants maintenance and reconciliation support.

Reporting & MIS

Generation of automated reports for serving to internal users, Fincon, Partners, Credit Bureau and Regulators.

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Direct Assignment System