About the Module

Perdix’s Guarantee Management System is designed to automate the guarantee issuance processes of Credit Guarantee companies and those involved in providing Credit guarantee for loans originated by Banks and NBFCs

Salient Features of

Guarantee Management System

Lender onboarding

Perdix offers the ability to onboard different types of lenders along with full details of its their KYC, documents, contact details and other related information.

Product Setup

  • Product includes creation of different guarantee products like FLDG, SLDG and Pari Passu along with limits, fees and other parameters required for guarantees. 
  • Configurable scoring and underwriting rules engine of Perdix can also be attached to any guarantee product or account.

Data consumption & validation

  • Life-cycle data of the guaranteed loans is taken into the system using both excel uploads and APIs.
  • Data consumed are borrower information, loan information, schedule information, fee payment, loan collections and loan status.
  • Data consumed by the system is independently validated against thresholds and exceptions are thrown up.
  • 20+ reports specifically related to guarantee loan management, accounting, monitoring and claims.

Claim management & settlement

  • Complete claim workflow including claim initiation, evaluation, auto-computation by system, raising issues, queries, etc.
  • Approval workflow based on delegation authority.
  • Claim settlement workflow for validating with pool level stop-losses.
  • Claim pay-outs are also based on delegation authority.

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Guarantee Management System