About the Module

Perdix BI offers Financial Institutions a wide range of tools to access and use their customer data, transactions data, performance trends, etc. to help in proactive business decisions. BI engine offers data warehouse, datamarts, reports, dashboards and analytics to enable swifter decisioning.

Salient Features of

Business Intelligence and Reporting System


BI has structured MIS reports for people in different functions such as Operations, Finance, MIS, Sales, Collections, Credit, etc.

Data Warehouse

A comprehensive data warehouse that stores complete data of the financial institution organised in denormalized datasets.

Data Marts

Purpose specific datamarts can be created from the data warehouse to create reports and understand data.


Perdix’s natural language search for data, dashboards and charts makes it a completely user-friendly product for the users.


Perdix BI offers new age analytics for faster credit decisioning, collections, sourcing, etc. Data can be pulled out in graphs, tables, charts and maps to help users understand data intuitively.


Home grown ETL tool that extracts data from multiple sources (both internal and external), transforms into the form in which Perdix data is structured and loads it into Perdix data warehouse.

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BI and Reporting System