About the Module

Perdix offers a comprehensive platform for Banks and NBFCs to automate their BC & Co-lending operations. This module offers API integration with partner systems, automation, configurable workflows, portfolio tracking and partner specific processes to increase efficiency.

Salient Features of

BC & Co-Lending System

Partner Registration

Complete partner registration including documents and limits setup.

API Data Exchange

Customer, loan and transaction data exchange via API and file- based interfaces.

Rules and Scoring

Rules for different products and partners and credit scoring framework for different asset classes.

Loan Splits & Blended Rates

Support for different type of loan component splits, schedules and blended interest rates for bank and partners.

FLDG, Recon

FLDG and other covenants maintenance and reconciliation support.


Auto generation of loan agreements with e-signing / e-stamping support.

ESCROW A/C Management

Support for digital disbursements and collections, with support of escrow reconciliation.

Reporting & MIS

Complete reporting, MIS and data visualization solution using data warehouse for both banks and partners.

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BC & Co-Lending System