About the Module

This module facilitates Financial Institutions to automate their liability management process workflow. The system helps in registering lenders, loans by lenders, covenants for each loan and tracking of these loans. The system is also designed to help Financial Institutions in Booked debt tagging and Asset Liability Management.

Salient Features of

Liability Management System

Lender 360
Lender 360 provides a full view of the lender including their KYC, documents, loans, covenants and booked debts. Registered Lender details can be viewed and updated at any given time.

Integration with Lender Systems

Perdix can be integrated with Lender systems for seamless flow of data and real-time monitoring by both the organisations.


Covenants, booked debt tagging conditions, process stages, levels of approval stages, can be configured as per requirement.

Accounting and Payments

GLs are maintained for all Transactions. Liability repayments of EMI, fees etc can be done directly using the payments integrations or indirectly using batch/bulk downloads.

Documents Repository

Lender Requirements, covenants, legal & compliance documents can be uploaded and tagged to listed parameters.

Booked Debt Tagging

Disbursed portfolio can be tagged to liabilities and maintained through Booked Debt statements.

Reporting and Visualizations

Lender Reports, ALM Reports, Agent contract reports etc can be downloaded. Visualisation dashboards provide role specific dashboards for easy access to data.

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